Rachel Leviss Is Selling #Scandoval Souvenirs to Benefit Mental Health Non-Profit

In honor of World Mental Health Day, the former Vanderpump Rules star is saying goodbye to the skeletons in her closet (Tom Tom sweatshirts).

Rachel Leviss Is Selling #Scandoval Souvenirs to Benefit Mental Health Non-Profit
Photo:Monica Schipper, Rachel Leviss Instagram Story (Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Rachel (or “Raquel” before she began using her birth name again) Leviss shared an important announcement via Instagram stories.

“I am currently in the process of letting go,” the former Vanderpump Rules star told the camera from what appears to be her car. “I’m letting go of the things that no longer serve me anymore…and as I’m cleaning out my closet, I found a few items that are a little bit triggering.”

I’ll spare you any further anticipation—said items are, of course, souvenirs from one of the most explosive events in Bravo history: Scandoval. In case you weren’t there, Leviss maintained a months-long affair with her cast mate and the longtime partner of one of her closest friends, Tom Sandoval. That is, until March, when TMZ broke the news.

The items Leviss is referring to, she reveals, are none other than the infamous Tom Tom hoodie—as worn by Leviss at last year’s Bravocon—and that lightening bolt necklace, which was also seen around her neck at last year’s congregation of Bravolebrities. Bravocon, I’ll note, just happened to take place in the throes of Leviss and Sandoval’s dalliance. Since the Vanderpump Rules reunion aired in June, Leviss has spent time in a treatment center and has, apparently, been minding her mental health. Now, it seems she’s finally ready to say goodbye to any lingering skeletons in her closet.

“So, in honor of world mental health day today, I am creating a fundraiser,” Leviss explained. Said fundraiser is…an eBay auction of the items, with all proceeds from the fundraiser going to The National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI).

“It’s all about creating a better mindset, changing your environment so that you can set yourself up for success,” Leviss added. “Yeah, I’m about that right now.”

Currently, the TomTom hoodie—accompanied by the description: “I can’t rewrite history, but I can use something from my darkest days towards a good cause”—is going for over $4,000. The highest bid on the necklace, meanwhile, is $1,255.

“This necklace was symbolic of my devotion to another person who I allowed to have power over me,” Leviss wrote in the item description. “He no longer does.”

As of now, Sandoval nor any of Leviss’ former cast mates and friends have commented on the sale. But so help me, if Andy Cohen doesn’t outbid everyone and add these hallowed relics to Bravoland, a museum of memorabilia from the network’s most popular franchises at Bravocon, I’ll riot outside of Tom Tom.

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