Rachel McAdams, Kelly Reilly and Taylor Kitsch Join True Detective

After months and months and months of casting rumors, True Detective has rounded out its cast. And check it out! They found some women in Hollywood!

As we already knew, the storyline follows three cops investigating a corrupt businessman’s murder, with Vince Vaughn as a career criminal and Colin Farrell as a police officer. And now Deadline reports that Rachel McAdams and Kelly Reilly have both signed on for season two. (I’m delighted because I, for one, really enjoyed Red Eye.) Taylor Kitsch too, presumably as part of his years-long effort to bury John Carter of Mars deep in the sands of, uh, Mars. Here are the character descriptions:

Rachel McAdams as Ani Bezzerides, a Ventura County Sheriff’s detective whose uncompromising ethics put her at odds with others and the system she serves.
Taylor Kitsch as Paul Woodrugh, a war veteran and motorcycle officer for the California Highway Patrol, running from a difficult past and the sudden glare of a scandal that never happened.
Kelly Reilly as Jordan, Frank Semyon’s (Vaughn) wife, a former D-list actress who is a full partner in his enterprises and ambitions.

Last week, it was reported that Michael Hyatt of The Wire and Yara Martinez of Alpha House would be joining the show as well, so fingers crossed for more than shrill shrews and scheming sexpots. And if not, there’s always hope for a season three featuring Kate Mara and Ellen Page.

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