Racial Tension Plagues Rock Of Love Bus


On last night’s episode of Rock of Love Bus, an accusation was made that contestant Natasha was being given special treatment “because she’s black!”

Brittaney is an impossibly needy, aging former porn star, who is beginning to crack under the pressure of not getting enough alone time with Bret, despite efforts involving a thong and a striptease that, in her words, proved she’s “acrobatic and knows how to have a good time.” She had an opportunity to win one of the V.I.P. passes that Bret was distributing during a trivia game, but he was drunk, so he ended up just picking the three girls he thought are the hottest. One of these girls, Natasha, is the only African-American girl on the show, and Brittaney insisted that she only got a pass because of some kind of affirmative action. She then started crying — to the best of her Botoxed ability — at the idea that people might think she’s racist, because her “grandfather is black.”

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