Racist Ranter Alexandra Wallace Leaves UCLA


The UCLA student behind the now-famous racist video rant and the subsequent “I have no idea why I posted that” apology announced in a statement to The Daily Bruin that she will be leaving the school immediately.

“In an attempt to produce a humorous YouTube video, I have offended the UCLA community and the entire Asian culture,” Wallace writes in her apology letter. “I am truly sorry for the hurtful words I said and the pain it caused to anyone who watched the video. Especially in the wake of the ongoing disaster in Japan, I would do anything to take back my insensitive words.”
She goes on to say that, as a result of “my mistake,” her family has been harassed, her personal information has been published online, and she has received several death threats. “Accordingly,” she concludes, “for personal safety reasons, I have chosen to no longer attend classes at UCLA.”

Her statement was published only a few short hours after UCLA’s Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Janina Montero announced that the school would not be pursuing disciplinary action.

Follow Up of the Day: Alexandra Wallace Leaves UCLA [The Daily What]

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