Radar Online Wants Us to Believe Johnny Depp Was Somehow Involved in a Man’s Disappearance

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Even though they occasionally break actual news, Radar Online is mostly known for sensationalizing the already sensational world of celebrity gossip by turning stories up to eleven. And this week they didn’t just live up to their reputation; they proved that we had all expected far too little from their kooky little minds. Just look at this headline:

Murder Mystery: Was Johnny Depp Involved In Disappearance Of His Business Partner?

What is today, Thursday? Yeah, OK, let’s sorta kinda accuse Johnny Depp of sorta kinda killing someone.

In the ‘90s, Depp partnered with this dude Anthony Fox to open a club called The Viper Room. For years, the club was a “trendy” place where “drug dealers flourished” (River Phoenix died of a heroin overdose outside it in 1993), but by 1999, Fox began suspecting Depp had “conspired to divert millions in profits from” it.

In a hearing in 2003, a judge wrote “Depp…breached his fiduciary duties. The facts establish persistent and pervasive fraud and mismanagement and abuse of authority.” That’s when things got hairy.

Reports Radar:

Fox went missing shortly before he was scheduled to testify against Depp and four others. Also missing were his pickup truck and .38-caliber revolver.
Nineteen days later, on Jan. 6, 2002, his vehicle was found abandoned in Santa Clara, Calif. — 330 miles from where he was last seen near his home in Ventura, Calif. His body has never been found.

The remainder of the story is mostly just quotes from a woman named Donna Lynn, a friend of Fox’s who thinks Depp knows more than he says he does. Here are some things she told Radar:

“I believe if Tony hadn’t filed the suit, he would be here today.”
“The timing is so suspicious. Tony was about to win that lawsuit, but before he got his day in court, he vanished. There are many questions — and no answers.”

Then there’s this sort of incomprehensible whopper:

“Someone knows what happened to Tony. I can’t say what Johnny Depp knows, but when I see him with his daughter, Lily-Rose, who’s about the age Amanda was when her father disappeared, I wonder.”

Hope you all enjoy spending a chunk of your workday Googling this case!

[Radar Online]

In unsurprising news that’s still a little crushing, Kesha has reportedly canceled an upcoming concert “at Chicago’s Layola University” for “personal reasons.” (I assume they meant Loyola, but who knows.)

Reports Us Weekly:

The University issued a statement informing students the money for their tickets would be refunded, and that Kesha is sad to have had to pull out.
“Kesha has expressed her disappointment in having to cancel, but she feels that this is the best decision for her at this time. We respect her decision and wish her well,” the statement reads.

[Us Weekly]

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