Rand Paul Admits He's Just Kind Of a Dick To Everyone 


Wednesday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for presidential candidate Rand Paul. He started the day by shushing The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie and finished it by getting “testy” with an Associated Press reporter when asked to clarify his position on abortion.

But Paul wants to reassure everyone that he doesn’t just “Randsplain” to women, he’s an equal opportunity asshole. The Kentucky senator reassured CNN”s Wolf Blitzer that he’s “been universally short tempered and testy” with reporters of all kinds. “I will have to get better at holding my tongue and holding my temper,” he added.

He also attempted to articulate his position on abortion, an issue he had refused to answer earlier in the day:

“Somehow we have to decide when a baby gets rights,” he said, arguing that people generally believe a one-pound baby born prematurely has more rights than a larger baby that’s been aborted. “It seems like an abrupt diminution of rights.”
“I personally believe that life is special, that human life is special and there’s a sanctity — that we’re more than just clay and dirt,” he said.
“Anything that puts forward and develops and says, you know, what there is something special about life and there’s a role for government, I’ve supported,” he said. “That’s been a variety of things, both with exceptions and without.”

It’s worth noting that Paul still hasn’t answered where he stands on abortion exceptions.

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