Raquel Welch: "To Be An Aging Sex Symbol Is Not Exactly A Picnic"


Speaking of celebrity bios/memoirs, Raquel Welch was on Oprah today promoting hers—Beyond the Cleavage. A notable sex symbol in cinematic history, Raquel admits that having a career based partly on looks has made the aging process harder, emotionally.

While Raquel says that she initially got into acting to do more serious work, she became addicted to the attention and opportunities that marketing her sexiness afforded her. Afterward, when she did try to get into more serious roles, nobody was interested, because the general public had come to know her as a sex symbol.

While it’s interesting to hear how aging affects the psyche of a woman who had been taught that her looks were most valuable aspect, I also thought it was pretty disingenuous that this episode was supposed to be about “aging brilliantly,” without disclosing that some of Raquel’s “brilliance” in this aspect has benefited from the help of cosmetic procedures.

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