Ravens QB Joe Flacco Left a 75% Tip at a Restaurant in Pittsburgh

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In a shocking turn of events, apparently not every member of the Baltimore Ravens is a terrible human being. Go figure.

The above image comes courtesy of a website called Baltimore Beatdown, and purports to show a receipt from a meal Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco ate just before his team’s win over their hated rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Flacco apparently tips like a damn boss — that’s a $150 tip on a $208 bill, or around 75%. Granted, it’s possible he was leaving the tip in the hopes that his server wouldn’t stab him to death, being confused that not every city operates the same way Baltimore does, but he still deserves credit.*

Flacco also isn’t the first NFL QB to leave a massive tip: a few years back, Peyton Manning dropped a $200 tip on a $739 bill on which the gratuity was already included. In that instance, the server was fired for publicly sharing the receipt, so we’ll have to see what happens in this case. Regardless of what happens, good on Flacco, though — he may be just an OK QB, but he’s definitely an elite tipper.

* Congratulations, yinzers who always get angry that I make fun of your beloved Pittsburgh: you have finally found the one thing that will make me side with you — the city of Baltimore. Let’s all sing kum-ba-ya and then you can tell me how much you love bland food some more.

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