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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to How Offensive Is Beyoncé’s Vogue Cover? Let Us Count The Ways: “Thank God, you finally touched on this stereotype! I hate how anything that has to do with being curvy (in celeb world); Beyonce, Queen Latifah, America Ferrara and Sara Ramirez (from Grey’s) are automatically mentioned. and sometimes it’s in a condescending way like oh she’s not a size 2 but she’s black so that’s okay. Stereotypes whether good or bad are really annoying and I can’t tell you how many black women who are tall, thin, aren’t busty or don’t have an ass, complain about the stereotype of the thick, bootylicious black woman.” We say: Sweeping generalizations are never good. And Vogue just had to point out Beyoncé’s curves, so we wouldn’t forget she’s a “real” woman, not a model. • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to “Dude, I Just Saw That Carrie Bradshaw Chick”: “I’m going to need SJP to put on a few pounds. As Catherine Deneuve famously said, once you reach a certain age you have to choose between your ass or your face. Gaunt looks cute on no one.” You say: “I’m sure SJP is very interested in your needs.”

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