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Today’s best comments are like, shoe-shopping good!
Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Cosmo: Buy Your Boyfriend Lucky Underwear, And Other Bad Romance Tips: “Cosmo Readers Stand In Middle Of Busy Intersection, Eagerly Await Further Instructions.” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to All The Single Ladies Get Ignored By Marketers: “I just wish there was a fun breezy single ladies store that only sold tampons, yogurt and shoes, all in various shades of pink. It could be called Yotampoes.” (Yotampo Casuals, you mean?) And! “My single girlfriends and I like to eat Yoplait – it’s burning this bridesmaids dress good! – and discuss Yaz and its side effects and benefits. When they leave I play romantic rock songs and gaze at my Swiffer or dish detergent bottle, which tells me I have gorgeous hands. Hopefully one day I’ll meet Mr. Bubble and he’ll go to Jared! “
Just a reminder: You guys control which comments are the best! If you see a great, funny, insightful, eloquent (or awful) comment, nominate it! Email the comment and the timestamp link to the left of the comment to Hortense at [email protected].
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