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If you don’t fall in love with today’s best comment, you are not a true Amurrican!

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to This Is The Face Of Violent McNugget Rage:

I need to come to this girls defense. After a long night of drinking and partying, it is our right as Americans to to be able to purchase tatsy globs of grease infused animal flesh whenever we damn well please. It’s in the constitution – look it up! And Mickey Dee has made a huge marketing mistake, because when else would this crap be considered tasty? During daytime hours of sobriety – I think not! And who says that molded chicken abortions on a muffin are more appropriate for breakfast than compressed chicken by-products wrapped in empty carbs and deep fried. Not I! That girl didn’t vandalize a fast food restaurant, she struck a blow for freedom and the American way of life! One Nation, Under Grease, With Heart Attacks and Diabetes for All!

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