Reader Roundup: Roberts Rules of Playground Insults


Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz dared disagree with an unhinged male colleague of her, and he responded with a barrage of emailed insults, including one that accused her of Not Being a Lady (the Congressional fainting couch became overburdened at that suggestion). Commenter mordicai had a suggestion for an alternative way to handle future outbursts, using the perfect system of Parliamentary Procedure:

The Right Honorable Gentleman from South Florida will please adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order wherein I here-by state for the record that I am the one who is rubber & the Right Honorable Gentleman from South Florida is glue, vis a vis the Right Honorable Gentleman’s comments on the floor rebound of my own person & by parliamentary procedure stick to the Gentleman. I yield the floor.

A motion has been made and seconded that this comment is awesome. Is there any debate? Hearing none, we will proceed to a vote. All in favor of this comment being awesome, please signify by saying, Aye. All opposed, same sign.

The motion carries. The comment is, in fact, awesome.

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