Real Housewife Kyle Richards Keeps Finding New Ways to Deny Ozempic Rumors

Thought Kim Kardashian's MET Gala weight-loss press tour was bad? Meet Richards' Ozempic rebuttal campaign.

Real Housewife Kyle Richards Keeps Finding New Ways to Deny Ozempic Rumors
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Another day, another Ozempic denial for Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards. Listen, I’m all for routines, but Richard’s repeated refutes of using Ozempic, the diabetes drug that’s become popular amongst Hollywood elites for weight loss, are getting just plain ridiculous.

The denials date back to early January (at least!) when Richards suddenly began posting workout selfies on Instagram. Fans soon began speculating whether or not Richards, like many other celebrities suspected of using the drug for sudden weight loss, had succumbed to the irresponsible trend.

“Ozempic” wrote one user under a post-workout snap, to which Richards responded: “I’m not on ozempic.” The following week, after she shared a gym selfie that was reposted by Page Six, more began to speculate as to whether she was truly just spending a lot of time in the gym. In the comments, Richards wrote: “I am NOT taking Ozempic. Never have.”

It could’ve been her final address, but alas. It was only the beginning. Richards would deny using the drug innumerable more times throughout January. First on friend and former housewife Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s podcast. At the time, Mellencamp was still a cast member—as fans of the Bravo franchise will remember—and was at the helm of a weight-loss system that reportedly left some clients feeling “traumatized” and “swindled.”

“A lot of people think I’ve been taking Ozempic,” Richards said on the podcast. “To clarify, I’ve never taken Ozempic.” She also clarified that similar injections, like Wegovy and Mounjaro, were also untouched. Instead, she credited a new gym routine and diet following a summer vacation.

“‘That is it. I’m not having any sugar, any carbs, any alcohol,’” she recalled saying after returning from her trip. OK! That’s her business, you might think. You’d be right—if only she didn’t continue insisting on making it anything but. Are you having Kim Kardashian MET Gala press tour flashbacks yet?

In yet another interview, this time during an Amazon Live session a week later, she claimed it was her alcohol-free, sugar-free, and carb-free diet—not Ozempic—as the only secret to her health routine. “Now that I’ve already lost the weight I wanted to lose—I’m not trying to lose anymore—I, of course, will have birthday cake or some pasta, but actually, to be honest, once in a blue moon,” she said. “I am not following the keto diet, just basically, I eat protein, vegetables, fruit, and carbs once in a while. But I do eat fruits and vegetables all the time, and I really love cereal.” Cool!

The denials, unfortunately, have only continued in February. She told Page Six that she’d “never heard” of the drug until after followers on social media began suspecting she was using it: “I had heard of it when they accused me, but I’d already lost weight by the time I had heard about Ozempic, so it was really frustrating to me,” she explained. “What I don’t want to get lost in this is that I want to be able to inspire people.”

That same day, she similarly lamented to the Daily Mail that she worked out every day for two hours and was annoyed by the constant accusations given how hard she works. “When people try to blame my appearance on surgery or Ozempic, which would be completely irresponsible to use when diabetics can’t get their hands on it, it’s really frustrating to me,’” she said. “It bothers me. I’d rather just inspire people with what I’m doing so they can try the same things I’ve been doing and see what happens to them.”

This week—despite the continued backlash—Richards took to answering some fan questions on Instagram. Naturally, many were about her diet and exercise routine. When asked when she might consume alcohol again, Richards replied: “Truth is I don’t miss it at all.” Sadly, I cannot relate.

When another user asked if she missed her formerly beloved margaritas, she once again said no. Per her Instagram, Richards recently traveled to Mexico on a girl’s trip, to which I have to beg: How the hell do you refrain from a margarita on a girls trip to Mexico???

At this point, Richards’ dedication to denying claims of Ozempic and championing her, frankly, awful-sounding diet and exercise routine has become a full-fledged campaign to which I say: We, the people who cannot work out for two hours daily, nor have a desire to put down the bottle or pass on pasta, get it. You’re not on a drug used to treat people diagnosed with diabetes. Congratulations on working hard—the hardest, in fact!

To be clear, if it were somehow revealed that Richards was on Ozempic, I would be the same level of surprised as if she truly was just another celebrity following a health regime that makes me want to die—which is to say, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Diet culture, ain’t it grand!

Now, with regard to the discourse, I’ll quote Taylor Armstrong: ENOUGH!

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