Real Housewives: How The Internet Ruins Everything


On last night’s episode, Bethenny was horrified that her pregnancy was reported on gossip blogs before she was two months along. Jill heard the news via Google alert, while LuAnn was in the dark, having been blocked from Bethenny’s Twitter.

Bethenny and her fiancé hadn’t told his parents yet about their baby news, so she was upset that the information was leaked. Adding to that, she felt like it wasn’t really prudent—given her age, and possible complications—to tell anyone before she’d cleared her first trimester. Also, she was concerned how Jason, her fiancé, would react to having his private business made public. However, seeing as how she played out all of this information in front of camera crews, and most likely, various producers and editors at Bravo, I don’t really see how she could’ve thought that her secret was very well kept to begin with.

Meanwhile, Jill, LuAnn, and Sonja got all Bye Bye Birdie with “The Telephone Hour.”

Hi, LuAnn!
Hi, Jill!
What’s the story, morning glory?
What’s the tale, nightingale?
Tell me quick about Bethenny’s bump!

My favorite part is that LuAnn doesn’t know what a Google alert is, and is upset that she didn’t receive one.

And I’m not sure if Jill wears thongs (and I honestly don’t care to know), but something is up her butt.

Lastly, at Ramona’s skincare-line launch, Alex pulled her delightfully bizarre “messenger” routine.

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