Real Housewives: "Mean Tweeting" Is The New "Systematic Bullying"


A common theme over the last two seasons of Real Housewives of New York is that whenever someone says something that is less than flattering about another person, it is perceived (by some) as “bullying.” And when it happens on the internet, they perceive it as cyberbullying and when it happens on Twitter they refer to it as “mean tweeting,” which was what last night’s episode was all about. Look, I follow all of these fools on Twitter and have been for ages. They all make snarky comments about their castmates and none of those tweets are threatening.

When Jill is talking about “cyberbullying,” she’s referring to a blog called I Hate Jill Zarin that began last season when she had lost a lot of her fan base. Initially the blog was all about Jill’s behavior, but it’s since expanded to covering the entire Housewives franchise and other reality shows. According to Alex’s blog about last week’s episode, the only interaction that she and Simon ever had with the founders of IHJZ was during some blogger/fan social gathering in Chicago they attended:

I don’t know how that translates into Simon or me being investors, content writers, posters, or even members of the blog. We don’t own it, we don’t have money in it. We don’t write for it. There is a link on the blog to a recap of the Chicago fan event held for us with pictures, and as the blog covers the whole Housewives franchise, we along with all other cast members are regularly discussed on it. That doesn’t mean we are doing the discussing.

Then on last night’s episode, Simon wanted to have a sit-down discussion with Jill, the mere suggestion of which started a feud between Simon and all the ladies. Yes, it was weird and reeked of camera-time desperation, but I don’t know why the women were all surprised at Simon’s level of involvement with them. It’s been like this since season one. The funny thing is they seemed to be so freaked out by his gender-inappropriate behavior by “mean tweeting” and cyberbullying women, but no one batted an eye that he actually started this drama at a party to launch an at-home vajazzling kit.

And as for those accusations of “mean tweeting,” Alex took to her blog to clear some things up:

Simon’s interactions on Twitter have nothing to do with his social media business. The only business Simon does while tweeting is show business; i.e. increase interest in Bravo and the Housewives, which all cast members do. I don’t know why Kelly thinks Simon tweets all day; she tweets a lot more than he does. We all joined Twitter around the same time and she has sent 2,000 more tweets than Simon. For that matter, Andy tweets as much as Simon does, and no one accuses him of tweeting more than he works…Anyway, somehow in Jill and Kelly’s mind this adds up to Simon cyber-bullying them, or organizing gangs of people to cyber-bully them. If you think that’s true, go look for it online. Nope, you won’t find it because it isn’t there. I am so sick of these girls crying wolf, when the only wolf-ish behavior out there is from them. I am equally sick of the word “bully” being used, because that makes a mockery of kids and young adults who actually suffer at the hands of bullies.

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