Real World Lumberjack Becomes Republican Party Hack


You may remember Sean Duffy from such reality TV shows as The Real World: Boston and Real World/ Road Rules Challenge. People from Wisconsin’s 7th district now know the plaid-wearing District Attorney of Ashland County as a potential C-SPAN fixture.

The former log-roller is running for David Obey’s old congressional seat- and he might win. In fact, in some circles, Duffy is seen as a rising Republican star. He’s certainly got the aw-shucks folksiness down pat-

“They’re packin’ up and goin’ elsewhere because they can’t do business in Wisconsin!” he says. “If you talk to businesses, they say: ‘We’re not leaving because of the workers in Wisconsin. We’re leaving because of policies in Madison.’ And (his Democratic opponent) Sen. Lassa has a leading role in developing those policies that make Wisconsin one of the worst places in the country to do business.”

I’m originally from Wisconsin’s 7th district, and that’s not how we talk. In fact, I’m not sure what that even means, but I’d sure like to sit down and have a can of Old Milwaukee with him, maybe discuss deer hunting. And isn’t that what we need in our elected officials now? Beer-sit-downability? G-droppin’ down to earthiness?

Duffy’s wife, Rachel Campos Duffy, is best known as the token Republican of The Real World: San Francisco cast and as an occasional Elisabeth Hasselbeck-type Concerned Mother Worried About The Children panel member on The View.

Those crazy kids. They might just make it after all.

Real World: Wisconsin [Slate]

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