Real World Roomie's Rape-y Humor


Last night’s episode showed Andrew making unwelcome advances on his roommate. He’s fashioned himself as the goofy, politically incorrect guy, but his seriousness about getting laid—and his cartoons for his college paper—make him seem like the creepy guy.

Last week, Amanda Hess at The Sexist dug into Andrew’s work at The Rocky Mountain Collegian, the school paper from which he says he was fired for “purposely trying to offend women and lesbians.” Here’s some of his work. He’s more yucky than he his yuk-y.

And while Andrew says he was fired from the cartoonist gig at The Rocky for being “politically incorrect,” it might actually be because he was grammatically incorrect.

His new crush on his roommate Callie didn’t last very long. He decided he was over her when he realized she wouldn’t sleep with him a few days after meeting. Rape-y? No. Yucky? Kinda.

The next night, Andrew went out to a bar with the guy roommates and brought a girl back home, who actually was into him (at least for that one night). He exits the hot tub with a boner. (Yucky again.)

But his plan for sex was foiled by his female roommates, who were joking around outside his bedroom in an attempt to cock-block him. He gets frustrated, and tells them that he doesn’t get laid like ever.

Andrew said, “Women can’t tolerate me for more than two or three hours.” As this is the second episode of this season, we’ve spent two hours with him already. And the clock is ticking.

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