Reality Show to Completely Devote Itself to the Virgin Fetish


You know who really needs more fetishizing? Virgins! Honestly, the thousands and thousands of years of telling women that their only value is in how many (or how few) people they’ve had sex with just hasn’t been enough. Let’s keep this party going. Bring out the bridal sheets!

Luckily, there’s an Australian “documentarian” who’s banking on doing exactly that. Filmmaker Justin Sisely made waves when he began producing a documentary on Catarina Migliorini, the 20-year-old Brazilian woman who auctioned off her virginity for charity last year. Lest Sisely be accused of sexism, he also included Alex Stepanov, a male virgin attempting to do the same thing.

The project, titled Virgins Wanted (alternative title: Madeleine Just Threw Up On Her Desk and Now Has to Learn How to Clean Vomit Off of a Keyboard), was meant to be a full length feature, but Sisely has now decided to break it into parts and shop it around to TV networks as a reality series. Not to spoil the ending for you, but it turns out — SURPRISE! — that a woman’s virginity is considered way more valuable than a man’s. Migliorini ended up raking in a cool $780,000 bid from a Japanese bidder known as “Natsu” and Stepanov’s winning bid was a mere $3,000 from Australian woman “Kasandra Darlinghurst” (which will likely be my pseudonym for my future career as a romance novelist).

Of the series, Sisely, who may face sex trafficking charges for the film, told the Huffington Post, “This is about transforming life. I’ve seen Alex change over the past two years. These people will be different afterwards. Their lives won’t be the same….Where will [Catarina] go after this?”

Please be college. Please be college. Please be college.

Catarina Migliorini Virgin Auction Morphs Into Reality TV Series [Huff Po]

Image via Shalunts/Shutterstock.

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