Reba McEntire Reminds Us to ‘Wear Your Mask’ and ‘Stay Safe’ After Coming Down With COVID

Thankfully, the country legend had already been vaccinated, so her breakthrough case, while "not fun," wasn't as bad as it could've been.

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Reba McEntire Reminds Us to ‘Wear Your Mask’ and ‘Stay Safe’ After Coming Down With COVID
Photo:Terry Wyatt (Getty Images)

I remember it all very well, looking back. It was a few minutes ago, five or six. I read that Reba McEntire and her boyfriend got COVID in the pages of Page uhhhhhh Six. (Fuck, identical rhyme.) Thankfully, they’d both gotten vaccinated—yep, it was a pair of breakthrough cases. So, they’ll probably be fine, but Reba told her fans to stay home and mask up just in case….s FUCK. Anyway, here’s your one chance, vaccine, don’t let me doooooooown!!!! Here’s your one chance, vaaaa—etc., you get it. Good morning!

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