Reddit Revenge Mob Gets Riled Up After Cat Is Shot With Crossbow


Well, this is despicable.

A man has posted a photo to Reddit depicting his cat Spooky after he was horrifyingly run through by an arrow shot by a violent neighbor. The Redditor, Brandonjking, posted the image from the vet’s office and briefly explained the situation:

“We went to our neighbors to ask him if he did it he said no. I made him show me his arrows and they were a match, he shot Spooky with his crossbow. We Called [sic] the cops. The cops took the arrows and are presenting it to the DA.”

Although the arrow pierced both of Spooky’s shoulder blades, it narrowly missed his spine and the cat — thankfully — has survived.

Spooky’s owners have confirmed that they’ll be pressing charges, but Reddit — the riled up lynch mob of the internet — is still rooting for their own, more violent version of justice.

“Can you get a friend to wear a ski mask and knee cap that fuck in a parking lot?” asked one Redditor.

There were plenty of volunteers to do just that, but Spooky’s owners appear to be handling matters through the police rather than an anonymous pack of internet commenters.

Spooky The Cat Shot With Crossbow, Prepare To Be Outraged [The Inquisitr]


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