Rejoice Fans of Bad Plastic Surgery: Botched Is Coming Back


Great news fans of television you can’t turn away from even when desperate loved ones beg you to stop! Botched, E! television’s astoundingly horrible-yet-oh-so-wonderful plastic surgery series is definitely coming back for another season.

The show that brought American culture the woman who can flip her butt cheeks is apparently a huge success, according to Deadline.

The premiere season of Botched is currently pacing to be E!’s most-watched docu-series in the demo and in total viewers since 2011. Botched currently is averaging 1.54 million viewers and nearly 1 million demo viewers in its slot. The series notched its most-watched premiere ever this past Sunday: 1.7 million viewers.
The first season of Botched featured more than 20 surgeries, ranging from nose jobs to altering a “uniboob,” and counseling a man who spent more than $100,000 in an effort to look like Justin Bieber. The network says thousands of people have submitted their stories for the second season, including a former professional athlete in need of facial work, and a woman who contracted a flesh eating disease during surgery in Mexico.

Here is a quote from one of the executives behind the show that references the word “zeitgeist.” If you read this quote while sober, you will probably need brain surgery. Maybe E! can film that and launch a whole new series. “Fried: People Whose Brains Exploded Reading Insane Bullshit on the Internet.”

“In the quest for perfection, we’ve tapped into a pop culture zeitgeist, sharing cautionary tales, positive outcomes and true transformations, network EVP Jeff Olde said in today’s news.

New episodes of the show will roll out in 2015. In the meantime, here’s a segment from YouTube featuring doctors tackling the “uniboob,” which is apparently a thing:

Image via E!

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