Relationship Pillows Keep Long-Distance Lovers From Feeling Lonely At Night


Arguably one of the worst parts of being in a committed, long-distance relationship is that sad, lonely time each night before bed. There are ways to get around this, of course: you can call each other on the phone until one of you falls asleep, you can play that specially-curated mix tape filled with loves songs until you hit la-la-land or you can, you know, Skype with each other all night long until it’s morning again (not recommended). But now, technology has come up with a new way of doing things: pillows that glow with the beat of your lover’s heart.

The brainchild of Scottish designer Joanna Montgomery, “Pillow Talk” is the middle ground between those internet-connected-long-distance-vibrators and actual cuddling. The product, which has just recieved enough funding to take it to the mass-marketed level, works like so:

Each person has a ring sensor they wear to bed at night, and a flat fabric panel which slots inside their pillowcase. The ring wirelessly communicates with the other person’s pillow; when one person goes to bed, their lover’s pillow begins to glow softly to indicate their presence. Placing your head on the pillow allows you to hear the real-time heartbeat of your loved one.
The result is an intimate interaction between two lovers, regardless of the distance between them.

Obviously, even a super-fancy, high tech pillow that glows along with the heartbeat of the one you love won’t replace actually being next to them. That said, it certainly might make for a delightfully romantic gift on the next anniversary of your long distance relationship! We’ll keep you posted as to when these things are available for purchase.

[Little Riot via Cup Of Jo]

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