Matt Gaetz, Accused Sex Trafficker, Throws Shade at Madison Cawthorn Orgy Scandal

To the House Republicans who have called on Cawthorn to “name names” of the Congressmen in question, based on Gaetz’s record, I have a guess!

Matt Gaetz, Accused Sex Trafficker, Throws Shade at Madison Cawthorn Orgy Scandal
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Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how entertained you are by the situation), the Madison Cawthorn coke-and-orgies-saga continues.

Following House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R) statements to reporters this week that he’s spoken with Cawthorn about the freshman Congressman’s claims that his colleagues are doing “key bumps” of coke in front of him and inviting him to orgies, a number of House Republicans have also weighed in—including the last person on earth who should have anything to say on the matter: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.). On Thursday, Gaetz, who’s currently under investigation for literal sex trafficking, told a reporter he doesn’t “get invited to the same parties Madison Cawthorn does.” Because… he’s throwing them?

You’ll recall that as we speak, the Florida Man remains under federal investigation for charges including sex trafficking and statutory rape of a 17-year-old girl. His colleagues in Congress have also alleged that Gaetz has shown them nude photos of women he’s slept with while literally on the House Floor. And, relevant to Cawthorn’s storytelling, some witnesses allege they’ve seen Gaetz do coke and have sex with an escort who was paid with campaign money.

The incident in question reportedly took place in October 2019, shortly after Gaetz headlined the “Trump Defender Gala” fundraise in Orlando. At an afterparty in his hotel room, which was paid for with campaign funds, witnesses said a woman who allegedly had an ongoing paid relationship with Gaetz prepared lines of coke in the bathroom, which they shared.

So, sure, McCarthy says Cawthorn has walked back his claims. But if the allegations against Gaetz—who you’ll recall was the only member of Congress to vote against an anti-human trafficking bill in 2017—are true, he sure fits the image of the unnamed Congressman Cawthorn was describing. To the numerous House Republicans who have called on Cawthorn to “name names” of the Congressmen in question: Based on Gaetz’s record, I have a guess!!

Gaetz’s comments on Cawthorn’s alleged invitations to sexual get-togethers come just a day after the overgrown frat boy went on Fox News to claim he feels “vindicated each and every day that the facts are revealed,” without specifying to which “facts” he’s referring.

Here are the facts we know: About one year ago, Joel Greenberg, a friend of Gaetz’s, pleaded guilty to six charges of sex trafficking, following an investigation into whether Gaetz had engaged in sex trafficking and the statutory rape of a minor. The Daily Beast reported last April that Gaetz had paid $900 to Greenberg, who subsequently made suspicious Venmo payments to three young women totaling that same amount.

Earlier this year, new reports surfaced that a friend of Greenberg’s witnessed Greenberg telling Gaetz over the phone that Gaetz had had sex with a 17-year-old. Contrary to Gaetz’s claims on Fox News, no new revelations have contradicted the damning findings of these reports, and the investigation of him continues.

In any case, if Gaetz didn’t want the internet to take this collective trip down memory lane about all of the charges and allegations against him, he simply could have said nothing about his skeevy colleague’s orgy bluster. But here we are, forced to talk about it. And here Gaetz is, still very, very much under investigation.

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