Report: Bill Cosby's New PR Offensive Will Blame Rape Accusations on Racism


Following the five more women who accused Bill Cosby of sexual abuse in August alone, a new report claims that his publicity team has had a eureka moment: Just say that the allegations are a big racist attack on an old, kind black man.

Radar Online says that it spoke exclusively with an “insider,” and that Cosby’s team plans to assert that the comedian’s being targeted because he’s “black and famous” not because he’s been a sexual predator with a career longer than Rasputin’s lifetime. According to the Radar report, the new offensive will involve words like “lynching,” “witch hunt” and “persecution” in press releases and statements.

Another tent pole in the alleged new Cosby plan is to pressure black journalists into supporting him because he still thinks writers at Ebony or Essence should treat him like the Hollywood press do Scientologist Tom Cruise after watching HBO’s Going Clear documentary. In short, the Cosby camp hopes that after this, we just won’t ask about it anymore.

“Look, it’s not rocket science and it’s not hard to understand, particularly if you’re African-American, that no matter if an individual has fame and fortune, if he supposedly drugged and raped a white woman, he’s very much susceptible to swift and harsh punishment,” the insider said.
“So, what [the team] wants to do and will do on Mr. Cosby’s behalf is simply put to the public a scenario that everyone knows makes sense,” continues the insider. “Nearly all of these women are white and most of them said that this happened in the 1960s and 1970s. I don’t care if you’re Bill Cosby or any other black celebrity, you can’t tell me that a white woman’s claim of being assaulted in any way by a black man would be ignored.”

Radar’s insider goes on to insinuate that Cosby’s being treated like Emmett Till or any number of nameless, faceless black men who were accused of making passes at or raping white women as an excuse for white racial violence against them.

Just because Cosby is a black man in America, a country rife with lynching stories, doesn’t mean that this is one of them.

Cosby admitted to drugging women and having sex with them in a 2005 deposition. Black supermodel Beverly Johnson said he drugged her with plans to do something but having had plenty of Studio 54 nights, she knew the moment she’d been slipped something and fought him off. And there were other women of color that allege that Cosby assaulted them, including Jewel Allison who said she felt too guilty to come forward earlier for fear of “letting black America down.”

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