Republican Women Starting to Wonder If Republican Men Aren't Just a Little Bit Sexist

Republican Women Starting to Wonder If Republican Men Aren't Just a Little Bit Sexist
Image:Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

Today in important feminism news: Women who joined a political party that operates under a blanket policy of denying bodily autonomy to human women every time they get the chance are reportedly shocked to find out that the men of said political party do not see even their women counterparts as equals. Welcome to 1972, ladies. You’re really living in modern times now.

According to the Hill, Republican women were “horrified” by sexist criticism of Republican Rep. Liz Cheney by fellow Republicans during a meeting on Thursday, in which Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly reportedly said that Cheney’s decision to vote for Donald Trump’s impeachment was like high school football or something: “You look up into the stands and see your girlfriend on the opposition’s side—that’s one hell of a tough thing to swallow.”

In response, an unnamed woman also present at the meeting responded, “She’s not your girlfriend,” and later former Rep. Barbara Comstock told the New York Times she was “horrified” by the comment.

Well if that horrifies you, ladies, I’ve got a little insider tip generally just whispered among us man-hating women’s lib types: Donald Trump himself has said some not nice things about women!

Also your little team or whatever is pro-treason and violent insurrection, which, to put it in Republican terms, is like playing in a football game and looking up into the stands and seeing a bunch of white people with weapons and Confederate flags storming into the Capitol Building and doing fucking murder. That should probably be horrific as well.

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