Republicans Don't Want Young Ladies Voting Because We 'Don't Get It'

Fox News’ The Five hosts don’t think young ladies should vote because they’re too busy on Tinder or haven’t aged into their conservative wisdom just yet. Hold on for one more day, girls.

On Tuesday, The Five dug into “Will The War On Women Backfire Against Democrats In Midterms?” by saying things like the left has “drummed up this war on women” and now it’s ruining their political chances, writes Media Matters. According to these folks, the systematic shuttering of women’s clinics across states like Texas thanks to right-wing politics, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and dudes like Todd Akin are all figments of our vaginal imaginations.

Then co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle really gave her two cents, that young women are too busy on “Tinder or” to care about politics. Hell, according to her, we can’t even be trusted to handle jury duty because we just “don’t get it.”

You know what I think? Right wing folks are trying to keep women from the voting booths as a midterm election tactic to slim the margin of overall voters in their favor. Why else would they discredit a formidable voting base in a time where the Republican party is trying to latch onto any minority group that will have them?

Hey young ladies, you can sustain, or are you comfortable with the pain?

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