Researchers Try To Turn Us On • Orly Taitz Booted From Tea Party


• Researchers at Pfizer claim they have broken new ground in understanding the pathways of desire. While they still don’t have a “female Viagra” they have come one step closer to treating sexual dysfunction in women.

So how, exactly, will this wonder-drug work? Much like Viagra, the drug will ideally simulate arousal by increasing blood floor to the genitals. More details here. • A man from Dallas is facing charges after police discovered his three-year-old and his nine-month-old children locked in his truck (which was parked illegally) outside a strip club. Witnesses say the father was drinking inside the club for at least an hour. • More information from the global study on maternal death rates has been released, and while much of it is encouraging, there are some dark spots. As Chally at Feministe points out, many countries still have extremely high death rates, and there is a huge disparity between places like the U.S. and the Congo. • David Mixner has compiled a list of the 20 most powerful lesbians in American politics. At number one we have Rachel Maddow (natch), followed by Tammy Baldwin, Hilary Rosen, Pam Spaulding, and Randi Weingarten. Congratulations, ladies! • Doctors from Johns Hopkins have found that they can use tissue removed from “love handles” for breast reconstruction. This will help many cancer patients who are do not have enough body fat in the abdominal region for doctors to transplant. • According to a new study, we tend to perceive mixed-race people as “more attractive” than non-mixed race faces. Dr. Lewis, the lead author of the study, believes this could have larger implications regarding Darwin’s theory of heterosis. “The results appear to confirm that people whose genetic backgrounds are more diverse are, on average, perceived as more attractive than those whose backgrounds are less diverse. This can be taken as evidence for heterosis among human population groups,” he explains. • Recovering anorexic Samira Jay has come out to the Daily Mail as a former pro-ana poster girl. As a teen, she posted pictures of herself at just 55lbs on social networking sites, which inspired envious comments from many of the other ED suffers. She says it was actually their comments that made her realize she was sick, and finally turn her back on the pro-anorexia world. Jay now works to raise money for an eating-disorder charity. • An Illinois judge has ruled that a Roman Catholic man can take his daughter to mass even though her mother is Jewish and raising the child according to her religion. Joseph Reyes was initially barred from exposing his daughter to any non-Jewish ritual or belief, an order that he quickly and publicly defied. • Doctors from the UK have developed a new technique for baby makin’ that will produce “disease-free babies.” Through swapping the eggs of the mother with that of a healthy woman, they will be able to create fetuses without certain mitochondrial diseases. The child would still get all the genetic material from the parents, but will have the mitochondrial DNA from the “second mother.” • Birther Orly Taitz has been uninvited to a Tea Party event. The Tea Party founder said they asked Taitz, who is the “mother” of the birther movement, not to come because they want to distance themselves from the crazy. • A recent poll found that women don’t like having bad hair days. They can even be “a bit traumatizing” for some ladies. They also found that 26% of women had cried after getting a haircut, which actually seems like a kind of low number (or maybe I’ve just had some really bad stylists). •

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