Rich People Want Hillary Clinton to Be President 


If faced with an election today, 31% of millionaires would vote for Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States.

CNBC’s highly necessary Millionaire Survey polled a group of 500 people who hold assets of $1 million or more and asked respondents to choose among nine potential candidates including Jeb Bush, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Chris Christie.

The group represents the top 8% of American households, so the exact group of people who have the power to sway presidential elections. Hillary was the top choice among 5% of millionaire Republicans and 23% of Independents. Jeb Bush came in second among the entire group with 18% of the vote.

These findings aren’t exactly surprising and frankly, seem to reflect the way a lot of people feel: Aw fuck, I guess it’s guess it’s probably going to be Hillary.

Image via Getty.

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