Rick Owens on Runway Dicks: 'I Love A Tiny Little Gesture'


“I thought it was the most simple, primal gesture—and you know I love a simply tiny, little gesture that packs the wallop,” designer Rick Owens said regarding the three peek-a-boo dicks that flapped down the runway yesterday during his fall 2015 menswear show.

In a short interview with i-D following yesterday’s hullabaloo, Owens did, to his credit, make a valuable point about male nudity on the runway—”Well, isn’t it time?” True! Bring on the ween, I say! But then, alas, this:

“It’s very powerful,” Owens said. “Not many people can do that. I mean, it’s a straight world now. And it also, I think, says something about being independent. Who else can really get away with that kind of stuff? It’s a corporate world.”

What an interesting take. What a beautiful word salad. And so the New York Fashion Week countdown begins.

Image via Getty

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