Rick Perry Supports Insane 'Heartbeat' Abortion Bill


The coalition of extremists pushing a bill that would ban abortion at the detection of the first heartbeat has announced that Rick Perry is on their team. He personally informed a group of 250 activists that he would support the bill, which is in intentional violation of Roe v. Wade’s viability standard.

The endorsement also means throwing in his lot with the key proponent of the Heartbeat Bill, noted wackjob Janet Folger Porter. Right Wing Watch describes Porter as “an avowed dominionist who thinks supporters of President Obama are destined to Hell and that legal abortion is responsible for tornadoes.” (What is it with the far right and natural disasters?) She’s also a rabid birther.

The bill has so far only been introduced in Ohio, where is actually passed the House and has been floating in limbo. (It’s not, strictly speaking, the most restrictive one introduced this year — there’s Louisiana’s all-out abortion ban, but it didn’t make it out of committee.) It’s the same one that brought us the “testimony” of a fetus.

By the way, Michele Bachmann already endorsed the Heartbeat Bill.

Rick Perry Throws Support Behind Nation’s Most Radical Anti-Abortion Bill [ThinkProgress]

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