Rielle Hunter Sues For Book Profits • Gay Students Voted Prom King And Queen


Rielle Hunter is reportedly suing Andrew Young, author of the The Politician, for all profits from the memoir’s sales.

Hunter claims that since Young obtained the necessary materials for his book through illegal means, the money from The Politician and any resulting movie, should go to her. The book tells of John Edward’s affair with Hunter and the subsequent cover-up. • South Africa’s sports ministry has canceled the press conference that was to be held today to announce Caster Semenya’s probable return to competition. The ministry has not yet given a reason for the change in plans, but the public relations company that organized the press brief says: “We were just informed by the sports ministry that the press conference has been canceled. They didn’t provide any reason. I’m not sure if they will release a statement today or tomorrow.” • A Houston man has been accused of stealing the flight suit worn by the first woman in space, Sally Ride. Calvin Dale Smith has plead not guilty on all charges. • Women’s ski jumping may finally become a part of the Olympic games in the winter of 2014. The International Ski Federation has approved a World Cup circuit for female jumpers, which would help prove to officials that women ski jumpers are competing at the same level as males. When she heard the news, athlete Carlotte Mitchell, 15, said: “I’m ecstatic! After all our hard work, our sport is starting to move forward.” • The Iranian government has shut down a factory in Iran that was producing statuettes of people who were killed in the protests last year, including Neda Agha-Soltan. The factory was only open for a month before officials found a reason to close it. Police reportedly discovered 40 female employees working without head coverings alongside male staff members. • Congratulations, Brazil: You now have your very own Fritzl. A 54-year-old man has been accused of keeping his daughter, now 28, captive for 12 years and fathering 7 children on her. He has also been accused of abusing one of the young girls he had with his daughter. Authorities found the children naked and malnourished in their isolated two-room jungle home. • A pair of gay best friends in Hudson New York were voted prom king and queen by such a wide margin that the school didn’t even bother choosing runners-up. Charlier Ferrusi and Timmy Howard say that the hardest part of the experience – including campaigning – was deciding who would be the king and who would be queen. Congratulations, boys! • Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson testified today in the trial of Robert O’Ryan, the man who has been accused to stalking Johnson. O’Ryan was caught attempting to break into the studio where Johnson was filming Dancing With The Stars last March. Johnson says she was nervous about testifying, and admits that she fears O’Ryan. • Dianne Wilson, who is identified as a “distraught shrimper,” interrupted a senate meeting by shouting and pouring fake oil over her head. In the video (below), you can hear her shouting: “We’re tired of the bail outs and we’re tired of being dumped on in the gulf!” We have to ask: Any relation to Joe Wilson?

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