Rihanna Fires Jay-Z As Her Manager

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Months ago there were rumors that Rihanna wasn’t happy with how she was being managed by Jay-Z and his team at RocNation. In addition to financial issues, she was reportedly concerned once the company started unofficially managing Beyonce that big endorsement deals would be offered to her first. Jay-Z talked her into staying, but now days after Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement, sources say that Rihanna has decided to find new management. Rihanna was also upset that the company used her to jump start unknown artists’ careers, and as mentioned earlier, she just filed a lawsuit over a Beverly Hills mansion she bought from her manager’s sister, which turned out to be leakey and poorly-constructed. [MediaTakeOut, TMZ]

Oh Brittany, this is not good. In a shoot for Tyler Shields, known for taking blood-strewn photos of Lindsay Lohan, Heather Morris sports a fake black eye. Many are complaining that the shots glamorize domestic violence, but Shields responded, “In no way were we promoting domestic violence. We wanted to do a bruised-up Barbie shoot and that’s exactly what we did!” Uh, doesn’t “bruised-up Barbie” promote violence against women? [E!]

The Glee season three promo features Sue getting glitterbombed, Blaine in a Cheerios routine, and Quinn’s pink hair. Also the requisite singing and dancing. [EW]
Check out the Glee cast’s new school portraits. [E!]

Bethenny Frankel‘s Skinnygirl cocktail line has been pulled from Whole Foods because the ingredients aren’t actually “all natural” like the bottle claims. [TMZ]

  • At the link: Audrina Patridge and her mom Lynn in matching bikinis for no apparent reason. [TMZ]
  • Mel B was “carried” into the hospital, or rather supported by her husband while having a contraction. Either way, the baby is a comin’ [TMZ]
  • Alyssa Milano wrote on Twitter, “Thank you for all the well wishes for my son Milo. My heart has tripled in size. I love him more than all the leaves on all the trees.” [Us]
  • Snooki says her new perfume will be “flirty and bubbly, you know, like my personality, and obviously something DTF.” Eww. [Us]
  • When Kim Kardashian was asked a silly question about whether she or Kourtney will be the next Kardashian with child, she said, “Hopefully [we’ll be pregnant] at the same time! That would be ideal!” [E!]
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