Rob Morrison, Charmer, Now Claims He Was Abused by His Wife


CBS anchor Rob Morrison resigned from his seats on This Morning and News at Noon yesterday after being arrested for choking his wife Ashley Morrison, also an anchor with the network.

A Post reporter sat with Morrison during happy hour at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Stamford, Connecticut, and got all the details on his messy home life “as he searched for answers at the bottom of a Bud Light pint.”

Gonna go out on a limb and say it’s not in there. At the time of his $100,000 bail on Sunday, he agreed not to drink, but was hanging out at Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday and Monday chugging Jameson and Bud.

He then asked a reporter if she had ever heard of a syndrome of men being beaten by women.
“Don’t always assume it’s the woman that calls the cops,” Morrison said.

However, of the seven times the NYPD has been summoned to the Morrison home, six were placed by Ashley. I know: you’re shocked.

Also some related “news,” if you can call it that: Jennifer Rainville, a former fiancée of Morrison’s with whom he may have been cheating on Ashley, penned a roman a clef Trance of Insignificance back in 2011. It sounds like some tried-and-true Jacqueline Susann jawn that was possibly inspired by the Grade-A cut of beefcake you see above.

…the main character, Jules, has a romance with an alcoholic, abusive morning news anchor named Jack Culligan. Jules leaves Jack when he cheats on her with a fellow newscaster he later marries. “Jack then has an affair with Jules, and she writes that Jack’s wife would divorce him if not for ‘her damn southern pride.”

When asked about this, Morrison responded (and I quote): “Why would I say anything? So unless you want to talk about the Bruins or the Grateful Dead, I’m done, bro.”


‘Disgraced TV anchor Rob Morrison drowns sorrows at Conn. bar after resigning from CBS’ [NY Post]
‘Rob Morrison Accused of Cheating With Two Fellow Anchors, May Be Subject of Steamy Novel’ [NY Mag]

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