Roberto Cavalli Press Release Turns Beyonce into a Bratz Doll

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FINALLY. Remember Beyonce‘s regular body? The alive one that’s all made of fat and muscles and full of organs? Guh-ROSS. Luckily, the ad wizards at Roberto Cavalli took care of it and are proud to present Beyonce: 2.0.

Apparently Roberto Cavalli isn’t a big fan of Beyoncé‘s curves.
The fashion house sent out a press release this morning showing an illustration of the vibrant cutout gown designed for her Mrs. Carter Show world tour with an obviously altered version of the star’s signature physique.
While the embellished dress was positively magnificent in all of its multicolored splendor, we couldn’t help but notice that Jay-Z’s ladylove looked superskinny in the sketch.

Because nothing makes more sense than hiring a very expensive celebrity to represent your brand and then Photoshopping them beyond all recognition. [E!]

Dina Lohan is “praying” that Amanda Bynes is okay.

Dina called in to VH1’s The Gossip Table to talk with co-anchor Rob Shuter about Amanda, saying: ‘You know, as a mom, I don’t really want to comment.’
But added: ‘I pray that she’s okay.
‘And you know I believe, you know, 95 percent of what I read, possibly, out of a hundred. I don’t know her, honestly, so I just pray she’s okay.’


Will Smith Kisses Son Jaden on the Lips During Interview in Thailand.”

“I sense there’s a distance in terms of affection between the general and his son,” Woody mentioned regarding the pair’s characters in the film. “Is it like that at home, or no?”
“Nah, we’re very affectionate,” both Will and Jaden said as the actor playfully tried to touch and hug his son. “He even tried to kiss me once,” Jaden said, technically jumpstarting what’s about to happen. Woody was then prompted to ask, “Oh, have you ever kissed your son on Thai television before?”
That’s when Will grabs Jaden’s face as his son yells, “No, no, no…” for what everyone expects will just be a peck on the cheek, but nope! Will goes for a full-on kiss on the lips (it’s at around 4:50 in the video).

I mean…’kay. [E!]

Here’s Seth Rogen clowning on The Guilt Trip—his buddy/road comedy with Barbra Streisand.

“We shot that movie in the format that plays on aeroplanes only,” Rogen joked about Streisand comedy The Guilt Trip.
“They were like: ‘Talk loud because theengine
will be roaring. You’ve got to talk over the engine; there’s announcements early on in the flights. You’ve got to take that into consideration.’”

I literally watched that movie on a plane with the sound off. It was not hard to follow. [Express]

  • Alexa Chung wrote a book. [E!]
  • Here is Cat Deeley wearing a dress. [Express]
  • Here are Eddie Murphy‘s daughters wearing bikinis. [E!]
  • Joan Rivers is turning 80 and “celebrating it with my 80th face.” The schtick, we get it. [Extra]
  • Kris Humphries is “good,” “happy,” training for MMA. Look at his little face. [Extra]
  • Kate Upton turned 21 and partied with pervy old politicians. [Extra]
  • Here is Lauren Conrad wearing clothes and talking about stuff. [DailyMail]
  • Edward Furlong is in jail again. [E!]
  • Rider Strong Rider Strong Rider Strong Rider Strong Rider Strong! [E!]

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