Rock & Roll Will Never Die At Blumarine


The Blumarine fall 2010 show in Milan today was black and white and fringed all over. Hello ’80s, hello zebra, hello mullet dress!

Warning: You are entering a land where the girls are tough.

She’s not with the band; she is the band.

Zebra and fringe? It’s like raiding David Lee Roth’s closet!

It’s strange: At first this ensemble seems tough and edgy. Then a closer look reveals the sheer insanity. But lean back, and it’s kind of cool, in a party-at-Cavalli’s house way.

Is Chanel Iman pissed about the car-wash sleeves? Or the car-wash skirt?

The sleeves and skirt are more tolerable in solid black.

The folks at Steve Madden are taking notes.

Girls just wanna have fun?


“Josie And The Pussycats are frauds! They totally stole from us — Zelda And The Zebras.”

Pirates Of The Caribbean 10: Legend Of The Key West Waitress.

Love the sparkle, the movement, the city-chic and the confidence!

You’ve got to admire the lady who can pull this off. She’s got ovaries.

Paging Lita Ford. Lita Ford to the white courtesy phone, please.

Too much of a good thing? Love the jacket, though.

Party in the front; different party in the back.

Move over LBD, it’s time for the LGD.

Let’s try and channel Michael Kors: “The fabric looks a little ticky-tacky. And the big fake jewels on the dress matched up to the ones on the jacket? It’s like she’s waiting for her ride at the Paramus mall. In 1989.”

These mullet dresses are A Thing. It seems.

But that doesn’t mean I approve.

It’s like Catwoman’s been shopping at Rainbow.

Question: Is the mullet dress less offensive in a pale hue?

Answer: Not really.

Anna Molinari will be boozing it up Capri later.

[Images via Getty.]

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