Rogue Woman Busted for Marrying Ten Different Men

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Somewhere in New York there is a woman who, depending on your view of marriage, is maybe a hero. Now a criminal complaint might put her behind bars—if only police could find her.

39-year-old Liana Barrientos has been married ten times over the past eleven years…without divorcing anyone. According to the Bronx District Attorney’s office, she is charged with having a fraudulent marriage license and filing for another, too. This has her facing two charges of “filing a false instrument,” which boasts a maximum sentence of four years per charge. But she’s seemingly disappeared; neither the police nor the media can seem to find her.

The serial bride was discovered in March 2010 after she wed a man named Salle Keita and said that it was her only marriage until…it was discovered that it wasn’t. According to the Daily News:

A Bronx detective uncovered nine previous marriage licenses for Barrientos, including a half-dozen issued in the span of six busy months, the court documents filed last November charged.
The first license was dated Nov. 5, 1999, to husband Mohamed Gerbril, and the last on Aug. 3, 2002, to groom Kakhaber Khorbaladze — her sixth marriage that year.
The prior licenses were all filed in Long Island or Westchester County.

No one knows why Barrientos wanted to marry all those dudes and she’s not telling. However, according to the Daily News, another Bronx woman was caught pulling a similar “cash-for-citizenship” hustle but was thwarted after wedding her fifth husband.

The criminal complaint charges that Barrientos used her real name, social security number, date and location of birth as well as the identities of her parents on each marriage license and identified her own signature on the documents. So she used her actual personal info repeatedly on licenses in only two counties—do the county clerks not cross-check anything?

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