Rule Britannia: Brit Awards 2010 Were Brilliant!


At London’s Earls Court, the sequins and limbs and weird did fly…with a little help from Kylie, Alicia, Mika, Courtney Love and citoyenne du monde Lady Gaga! And is that the queen we spy…?

The party didn’t start until Ke$ha walked in; good thing she seems to have been punctiliously prompt.

You need to know right now that Mika can do no wrong in my eyes, and that includes wearing a codpiece/Tallis/apron, okay?

The ever-effervescent Cat Deeley sports an equally bubbly frock. No judgments! Okay, maybe a few.

Ya know what we can judge? The idiotic, man-who-came-to-dinner trend of the one-arm, as modeled by Leona Lewis.

This goes double for Geri Halliwell‘s Hermes costume.

You go right ahead, Boy George. We’re glad you’re having fun.

Kylie Minogue, sporting perhaps the least sexy lingerie we’ve ever seen. It’s like, Amish Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Sinitta clearly didn’t get the “crrrrazy getups!” memo and is distressingly demure – albeit an elegant visual palate cleanser.

Fearne Cotton: also low-key.

Oh my God. Oh my God. I love this disco-power 70s-80s-90s sparkle motion bit of awesomeness on Alicia Keys so much I am almost speechless.

Okay. I can’t deny that Alexandra Burke‘s gown kind of reminds me of when Macy’s wraps itself in an immense red bow for Christmas. But that’s really not her fault. It’s my problem.

Courtney Love goes romantic. Whether the romance is true, or bad, I don’t intend to intrude on her reverie. It looks nice in there.

I can’t tell if Katherine Jenkins‘ frock is a tribute or ironic. Like, “God Save the Queen! She ain’t a human being! She’s…over my vagine!”

Gags played it low-key this time: just threw on a few giant coffee filters and called it a day.

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