Rupert Murdoch Is A Desirable Man-About-Town Who Wishes He Was Younger


Now that 82-year-old media mogul Rupert Murdoch is back on the market, all anyone is concerned about is who his next young thang will be. At least that’s all anyone who was sitting at one table in a Los Angeles restaurant that New York Times reporter Brooks Barnes found himself next to recently.

A conversation Barnes overheard between “two well-coiffed ladies of a certain age” got him wondering about the prospects of a man whom no woman (or man, for that matter) should give the time of day:

They chitchatted about the normal stuff (holiday shopping is exhausting, simply exhausting) and eventually turned to the topic of men. “You know, Rupert Murdoch is back on the market,” one woman said. “You should go for him.”
I almost choked on a cocktail peanut. Rupert Murdoch: sexiest man alive?
The Sunset Tower ladies giggled, too.

The giggle is necessary, given that Murdoch is the perfect example of the fact that power begets getting whatever you want, even if you’re a generally a horrible human who also doesn’t happen to be very physically attractive. Barnes interviewed an amazing set of experts to figure out how Murdoch could convince the ladies to love him, like Patti Stanger, who speculated that Murdoch’s a control freak who must be doing something wrong because of his three divorces, and Ken Solin of AARP’s magazine, who thinks Murdoch shouldn’t try to act younger than he is.

All of this help is totally unnecessary, however, because the one thing Murdoch will always have is a great sense of humor and ladies love men with a good sense of humor:

Image via Drew Angerer-Pool/Getty

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