Russian Beauty Queen's Title Revoked Because Turns Out She's A Neo-Nazi


Olga Kuzkova is your average 21-year-old soccer fan turned beauty queen, except she also happens to be a neo-Nazi :(.

Russia does this strange thing where every year, each of its top 16 soccer teams nominates a pretty female fan to represent the team in a beauty pageant called the Miss Russia Premier League contest. Kuzkova was picked to represent CSKA Moscow and won the title of “Miss Charming,” which, whatever. The point is that the title was taken away when authorities realized she was a loony racist crazy bitch.

Toke Moller Theilade, chief editor of Russian Football News, tweeted photos from her social media profile that prove it:

For non-Russian speakers, the caption in that second photo of Kuzkova in a Nazi nurse outfit calls for the burning of Jews and “khachi,” a derogatory term for Caucasus natives.

“We do not tolerate manifestations of fascism, nationalism and racism,” said executive director of the Premier League Sergei Cheban in a statement announcing that her title would be stripped. “I will be glad if this situation will help Olga sort out her worldview.”

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