​Russian Politician Bids Aides to "Violently Rape" Pregnant Journalist


What the ever-loving fuck. A Russian politician named Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky who (from what I gathered on his Wikipedia page) is a Ann Coulter-type confrontational shit-stirrer. And he’s got one helluva problem with women.

The founder of the Liberal Democratic Party was holding a press conference when Stella Dubovitskaya, a reporter, made the brash move of asking him a question about sanctions against Ukraine. Apparently this was enough to launch Zhirinovsky into a huge tirade, in which along with insulting the journalist, he called for his aides and shoved them towards her, demanding that they grab her. (You can watch the clip here—it’s in Russian and there are no subtitles, but the actions speak volumes.)

As the Daily Mail reports:

Zhirinovsky compared the female journalists to Irina Faraon – a Ukrainian philologist and nationalist politician and a strong supporter of her country’s language and culture.
‘Look at this fool Irina Faraon,’ he declared, ‘She is bursting with hatred towards Russians, but do you think she hates Russians?
‘She adores them. But its uterus frenzy – she’s got no lover, no husband, she’s got no-one.

And when another female journalist stood up for Dubovitskaya?

At this point, another female reporter – Yulia Chuchalova from news agency Interfax – spoke up, telling the 67-year-old: ‘This is derogatory, humiliating – what are you doing here?’
Zhirinovsky hit back: ‘What are you doing intervening here, you lesbian? Get out of here.’
…’We need healthy people. Pregnant women should not show up at work. Sit at home and look after your child, got that?’
The exchange ended with the words: ‘Get out of here, you d***** lesbians’.

Don’t worry though folks. The disgusting Zhirinovsky went out of his way to issue a completely unapologetic “apology” regarding the situation:

‘I did not even see her at first, and it turns out that she is in a certain condition, pregnant. I offer my apologies to her and to everyone, if I happened to offend someone.
‘Older age should cover any emotions with wisdom. We should always try to keep them in check so that people do not take offence at us.
‘If, because of her condition and possibly seeking treatment, she needs some medical services, some expenses, I am willing to give her financial assistance.’

This man sounds like the absolute worst. Angry, misogynist, and has access to power. Various authorities in Russia are now attempting to do some damage control, distancing themselves from Zhirinovsky. The bizarre and outrageous incident didn’t exactly come at an optimal time (not that such a show of mad idiocy ever has ‘right’ time). But in light of the violence breaking the Easter Day truce which left at least one dead in a “breakaway” city in eastern Ukraine, Russia is in the middle of a real shitstorm.

The reporter Stella Dubovitskaya is six months pregnant, and in a hospital being treated for shock. Her employer Russia Today may be pressing well-earned charges.

Image via Youtube.

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