Ryan Lochte Doesn't Disappoint as 30 Rock's Sex Idiot (But Then, How Could He?)


Ryan Lochte, a person who can walk upright, finally makes his debut on 30 Rock this week! We’ve been dreaming about this day for quite some time and now that it’s finally here, well, let’s just say that the space between Lochte’s ears isn’t the only place filled with water WHAT EW.

Remember the amazing stuff he said about acting? How could you forget:

A lot of stuff comes into play when you’re acting. There’s like different places where you have to be, different facial expressions, hand gestures, just everything comes into play, just for like one little scene. It’s crazy.

And now, we get to see his wisdom in action. God bless him! He’s just completely without a care in the world, steamrolling through life with nothing more than a tan and Twitter account. Thursday, I can hardly wait!

Watch Ryan Lochte Play A Sex Idiot On His ’30 Rock’ Cameo [Homorazzi]

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