Ryan Reynolds Seems Confused, Compares Blake Lively to Beyoncé


In trying to say something nice about his wife during an interview with AOL, the name “Beyoncé” popped into Reynolds’ head and he completely lost control of his senses.

In an interview with AOL, via Vogue Australia (emphasis added), Ryan said:

My wife knows how to work a red carpet, I’ll say that. She might be the Beyoncé of red carpets. She’s turned that into an athletic event. I see what goes into that, real science. It’s unbelievable. You guys see the finished product. I see a totally destroyed closet, bedroom and kitchen by the time she walks out the door. I don’t even know how shoes got in the freezer… It’s seriously nuts. There’s kung fu involved. It’s really intense.”

OK CHILL, OUT RYAN. This might make some sense if Beyoncé didn’t regularly walk red carpets. If Blake Lively is the Beyoncé of red carpets, then she’s just Beyoncé. Blake Lively is not Beyoncé neither literally nor figuratively.

“She is the Michael Jordan of music to me,” he says of Beyoncé. “I’ve seen four of her shows and that’s what comes to mind every time. She’s incomparable. I guess you just say she’s Beyoncé. You can’t really say she’s the this of the that, that terrible thing that everybody does. Honestly, she’s the Michael Jackson of Beyoncé.”

BOY SHUT UP WITH YOUR GIBBERGABBER BULLSHIT. I guess you can’t say that terrible thing I just exactly said a minute ago. Then he goes on and just does it again because words don’t matter.

Stop making stupid comparisons to Beyoncé. Just give women some regular-ass compliments, dude.

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