Salma Hayek's Husband Fathered Linda Evangelista's Baby


C’est un SCANDALE: the identity of the man who fathered Linda Evangelista‘s four-year-old son has now, via court filings, been revealed. It is not, as the O.G. supermodel had claimed vaguely in interviews, “a New York architect.” The father is in fact François-Henri Pinault, the French businessman and longtime rival of LVMH’s Bernard Arnault. Pinault heads up the $28 billion luxury conglomerate PPR. You know — he’s the guy who owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen. And he’s the guy who is married to Salma Hayek, with whom he has a four-year-old daughter. The name finally came out when Evangelista made a court filing to seek some kind of support agreement with Pinault. He has so far been unresponsive, and was a no-show at their court date. Have to say, Evangelista — who still isn’t commenting — was pretty damn discreet about the whole thing for a long time. [NYPost]

Emma Watson is on the August cover of British Harper’s Bazaar. [CQ]

Hussein Chalayan‘s first major museum retrospective opens this week at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. The Cyprus-born, London-based avant-garde designer’s universe is “a really strong universe. But it doesn’t impose, it proposes,” said chief curator Pamela Golbin. [WWD]

Two new images from Chanel’s partially-leaked fall campaign have now hit the Internet: in both, Freja Beha Erichsen poses in a photo booth, but in one she’s disguised as a cat, and in the other, she has “Il n’ya pas de mode si elle ne descend pas dans la rue” written on her forehead with a marker. (“There is no such thing as fashion if fashion doesn’t hit the streets.”) Carine Roitfeld, the recently (allegedly!) fired editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris styled. [Fashionologie]

Calvin Klein is launching a new CK One fragrance: CK One Shock. It hits stores in September, and rather than being unisex like its parent, it comes in men’s and women’s formulations. [WWD]

Sometimes people spend so much money on good-looking fake handbags — think $300 — that they convince themselves they must actually be real. The Wall Street Journal has an interesting side-by-side interactive graphic comparison of real and counterfeit Hermès and Chanel bags. (The funniest part is where Hermès claims that the company uses a “specific number of stitches on the clochette,” which is the little leather flap that hides the keys to the bag’s lock. “The manufacturer will not disclose this number,” notes the Journal, but if you have eyes, you can clearly see that that totally special, mysterious, top-secret proprietary number of stitches is…eight.) [WSJ]

Here are Chanel’s very puuuuuuuur-ty nail polishes for fall. [NYDN]
And if you feel like you’ve been seeing wilder and wilder nail colors lately, the Times asked seven folks to weigh in on why this might be so. (We happen to be among them; we reckon it’s all about the falling price of a manicure and the ever-expanding idea of what counts as “basic” grooming for women. If you’re a fly gal, get your nails did — and by the way here’s a place where a Vietnamese lady will do them in ten minutes for for $10 including tip.) Of course, brightly colored nails are hardly new — Sally Bowles paints her nails green in Isherwood’s The Berlin Stories. The most interesting is probably the art history professor Angus Trimble, who writes, “[U]nusual fingernail décor is certainly not confined to the present time. Nor did rich reds and hot pinks ever dominate, except in American cinema through the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, several of Picasso’s portraits of Dora Maar explicitly refer to the first Parisian fad for bright green, as well as the shaping of long nails into slightly sinister, surprisingly sharp points.” [NYTimes]

  • “A source close to the model” says Kate Moss will wear a John Galliano dress when she marries Jamie Hince today. There is even a rumor that the disgraced designer will attend the nuptials — obviously, a three-day-long party with lorryloads of vodka hosted by a noted skiing enthusiast supermodel is just the place for a drug addict and alcoholic in recovery. [Vogue UK]
  • Kate and Jamie‘s solution for keeping press out and guests in: closing two towns in the Cotswolds for the weekend. Residents and guests were given special permits to access the towns, and anybody without one won’t be able to get in. We are imagining the mood in the quarantined villages — Little Faringdon, Oxfordshire, and Southrop, Gloucestershire — must be part zombie movie, part sybaritic pleasure-dome right about now. [The Sun]
  • It apparently didn’t work: the Telegraph just published a photo of Kate Moss driving to the church where she will wed. She’s wearing her veil, and she looks really happy. Meanwhile, John Galliano was spotted in London yesterday. Was he on his way to the wedding? And assuming she is wearing his dress, will Kate’s gesture of support help the designer rehabilitate his image, either in the eyes of the public or in the eyes of the fashion industry? Vogue has the exclusive on the Moss/Hince wedding, which Mario Testino will photograph; American Vogue has yet to even mention the Galliano scandal, which is certainly the biggest fashion story of the year so far. (Anna Wintour is a longtime champion of Galliano and his work.) A wedding-editorial (has anyone coined “wedditorial” yet?) spread crammed with photos of a Galliano creation in the most widely read Vogue edition on earth would certainly be some kind of comeback. [Telegraph]
  • Brooklyn Decker is doing the full-on model/actress thing: she just nabbed a role in the upcoming Isla Fisher/Cameron Diaz vehicle What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Decker will play a woman who is pregnant with twins. [P6]
  • Designer Chris Benz, who re-dyes his hair once a week and mixes color into his conditioner to keep it bright, has been enjoying rotating through all the shades of Manic Panic. His hair is currently very pink. “I feel like everyone should dye their hair a weird color. If you hate it, you can just dye it back.” [The Cut]
  • Former Gucci and Valentino designer Alessandra Facchinetti says of her new line, Uniqueness, “The idea is to be able to wear clothes that you fancy immediately after they are presented, not six months later. It’s about immediacy.” Her first collection will be presented in September, and it will be available to purchase online immediately, at prices ranging from €90-€1,000 ($130-$1439). [WWD]
  • Ralph Lauren has a preternaturally on-brand Twitter impersonator using the handle @RalphLaurenUSA. [Esquire]
  • Bulgari has signed Rachel Weisz as the face of a new perfume called Jasmin Noir. [WWD]
  • Jil Sander is launching a new perfume this fall called Eve. Karoline Herfurth, the German actress who was in The Reader and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, will be its face. [WWD]
  • The Olsen twins are apparently launching a line of $29.99 t-shirts through a site called [CM]
  • Karl Lagerfeld reportedly shot Amanda Harlech, his longtime muse, and Daphne Guinness for V magazine. And he had them swap hair colors and therefore identities. [WWD]
  • More bad news for the world’s soaring cotton prices: drought in the U.S. South and Southeast has left 41% of the American cotton crop in “poor to very poor” condition. Two hundred and thirteen counties in the leading cotton-producing state of Texas were recently declared natural disaster zones by the USDA due to drought. [WWD]
  • Nan Goldin, on her photo series The Ballad Of Sexual Dependency: “I don’t think it was ever about a marginal world, as people like to say. It was about my world and we didn’t care if that was marginal, we didn’t care about the other world. The so-called straight world so who were we marginalised from? They were marginalised from us.” [Dazed Digital]
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