Sandra Considers Reuniting With Jesse; Weird Al Might Mock Lady Gaga

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  • Sandra Bullock is thinking about getting back together with Jesse James, according to the National Enquirer.

A “pal” says that while she filed for divorce, “she’s stalling.” As always: Consider the source. []

  • Some reports have claimed that Amanda Bynes was fired from her last movie — the Christina ApplegateOwen Wilson comedy Hall Pass — because of her bad behavior. This information is false; Amanda’s rep says the actress left the flick due to a scheduling conflict, and the studio says they “mutually agreed” to part ways for that reason. Since Amanda has retired, it’s confusing what she had scheduled — maybe a nice, long vacation? [E!]
  • Is Tom Cruise a genius? Check out this gushing review of Knight And Day. [Observer]
  • Lindsay Lohan is upset over the Bravo reality show Double Exposure, which featured an episode about Lindsay being 11 hours late for a photo shoot. Her excuse: She woke up late. But LL says everything in the show is “untrue” and “sucks when ‘friends’ use you (in this case for ratings) even if they’re lyin.” [TMZ]
  • Lady Gaga is thinking about using dead bodies in her stage show. But not regular corpses — bodies from that exhibit “Bodies”. The piece at the link makes it sound “gruesome” and outrageous, but it could be cool? [The Sun]
  • Ooh! Will Weird Al do a Lady Gaga parody? Fingers crossed! He says: “I don’t want to give anything away. All you’ve got to do is look at the top of the Billboard charts; that’s what I’m looking at, too.” [Billboard]
  • Kate Hudson and Muse’s Matt Bellamy: Seen making out in a popular downtown restaurant. [Page Six]
  • Katy Perry hurt herself while dancing and had to get 17 stitches — but she won’t say where! (Or how.) [Page Six]
  • Jersey Shore star Snooki has admitted to having an eating disorder in the past, and an old friend says: “She was always concerned about her weight. She would get hungry but instead of eating she’d suck on ice cubes for hours to avoid gaining weight.” Right now Snickers is on Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet, which doesn’t sound like something sustainable, and she told Us Weekly: “I used to be fit. Now I look at myself and I’m like, “What the hell happened?” Girl, you look great. Keep doing those back walkovers. [Radar Online]
  • Sad Keanu is sad. [Page Six]
  • The Lakers won the championship, so Khloe Kardashian gave her hubs Lamar Odom a $400,000 Rolls-Royce. [NYDN]
  • Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough: It’s so on. [People]
  • Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren met with divorce attorneys on the same day — in separate locations. [Radar Online]
  • Kanye West was spotted partying with models. Also breaking: The sky is blue. [Page Six]
  • Joe Jackson has drawn up a legal document in preparation to sue Dr. Conrad Murray for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson. Joe claims that Dr. Murray had been out drinking at a strip club hours before he administered a fatal dose of Propofol to MJ. [TMZ]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray says the strip club story is bullshit. His lawyer says he was so busy in the weeks before MJ died “he barely had time to take a shower.” Also: He doesn’t drink. [TMZ]
  • Some people think Michael Jackson is not dead, but hiding out; at the link you’ll find the top five fake-death theories. Not listed: The idea that MJ, Elvis and Tupac are running a performance art summer camp… in heaven. [E!]
  • The most frightening sentence you will read all day: Mel Gibson is learning to be a hypnotist. [Daily Express]
  • Fabolous is teaming up with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Governator’s nonprofit, After-School All-Stars. Perhaps the program will help the rapper learn to spell. [Page Six]
  • Gary Coleman‘s parents were on Joy Behar’s show last night and talked about their son’s life and death. His dad said: “When Gary turned 18 years old, you know how you do a horse? We were put out to pasture.” [CNN]
  • “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ex-Wife Told Gary Coleman What To Write In His Controversial Will, Says Star’s Former Lawyer.” [Radar Online]
  • George Michael has purchased a multi-million dollar house in Sydney, Australia. Write your own “down under” jokes. [The Sun]
  • Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky’s slap in the face: Contestant Justin Rego caught kissing girlfriend.” [NYDN]
  • Attention Weeds fans: Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alanis Morissette will return in the sixth season. [EW]
  • “I was drawn to this script because it was a really interesting portrait of a very extreme person. The violence and sex were never sensationalistic. He’s a sad, violent, unhappy person. I felt for him.” — Casey Affleck, who stars in The Killer Insider Me, a film about a small-town sheriff who’s actually a serial killer — and includes depictions of graphic, extreme brutality against women. [USA Today]
  • “That did shock me. I woke up Tuesday morning and he just had an epiphany. He wanted a simple, quiet life and I respect that. I’m glad he told me instead of sticking it out and realizing it later that he would be unhappy.” — Crystal Bowersox, on her boyfriend breaking up with her right after American Idol ended. She also says: “We always had a real open and honest relationship with each other…I’ve had to deal with a lot worse in my life. It was bad timing, definitely. But I feel like I’ve never been stronger in my life. It was nothing that I couldn’t handle. I just channeled all of that emotion into my performances.” [Star]
  • “Yesterday was the longest day of the year, unless you count the time I interviewed Lance Armstrong.” — Conan O’Brien. [Page Six]
  • “I don’t ever get tired of people saying I’m sexy. It’s a compliment. But I don’t like talking about it.” — Marisa Tomei. [NYDN]
  • “I am still hungry though, I guess I’m not hungry in a monetary way. But I’m hungry like, I want to know what it feels like to be able to have 10 albums under my belt, and I think when you’re a perfectionist, when you’re an artist, you want to be great at your craft and right now, that’s where I am. I feel like, you know what, yes, I am a new artist, I still have to put out an album, I still have to prove myself. I still have to prove myself to me.” — Nicki Minaj. [MTV UK]
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