Sarah Palin Invites Louis C.K. on a Salmon-Slaying Alaska Adventure


Incredible writer and author Sarah Palin, who previously asked Louis C.K. to go fishing with her in Alaska, has once again invited Louis C.K. to go salmon slaying to kick off their friendship. Aw yeah, this salmon adventure is goin’ down.

Sarah Palin and Louis C.K.’s unbreakable bond dates back to 2010, when the comedian drunk-tweeted on a plane and called the former vice presidential candidate a “fucking jack-off cunt-face jazzy wondergirl,” which is how all forever relationships start. Louis C.K. later apologized, after which Palin extended an offer to go fishing.

Years later, Palin has a chapter of her book, Sweet Freedom, dedicated to her distant pal Louis and really wants him to go salmon slaying with her. Yes, it’s the very definition of sweet freedom.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Palin wrote (emphasis mine):

Maybe a bit of the, um, “uniqueness” of #SweetFreedom – now the #1 Christian book and #1 devotional in the country – featuring a guy like Louis C.K. in a devotion can illustrate the surprise encounters I believe are orchestrated for us that can lead to a connection for others’ edification. Here I’m signing a copy of Sweet Freedom for the comedian while dashing through La Guardia; I’ll send it to him with a challenge for him to come slay salmon with me up North. Hope he’s gutsy enough to do so! #sweetfreedom
“A gentle answer turns away the wrath” – Proverbs 15:1
“The Power Of Nice, and Saturday Night Live” – page 182 #sweetfreedom — at LaGuardia Airport.

Should Louis C.K. take her up on this offer, he’ll be aiding in the edification of Sarah Palin. He must.

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