​Sarah Palin Out-Palins Herself, Would Waterboard-Baptize Terrorists


When I think of Sarah Palin I think of a broken record playing in a room so hot that the grooves of the record itself are degenerating into a puddle of pure clinical idiocy. So on top of the fact that I am generally disturbed that there are people who buy this shit, but I’m actually quite surprised that she’s managed to outdo herself in her wacky American cheerleader with balls of steel schtick.

So let’s play a game. It’s called “Can you even count everything wrong with this statement?”

At the NRA “Stand and Fight” event (sigh, I know), Palin buttered up the crowd with the usual bit about sissy lib’rals literally takin’ your guns and your rights before bemoaning our government being too soft on groups who may be associated with terrorists. So here we go, Round 1 of CAN YOU EVEN COUNT EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THIS STATEMENT:

“Come on. Enemies, who would utterly annihilate America, they who’d obviously have information on plots, to carry out Jihad. Oh, but you can’t offend them, can’t make them feel uncomfortable, not even a smidgen. Well, if I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists.”

Torture as baptism for terrorists? Nope. Can’t win this game. No one can win this game. Everyone loses. The only consolation prize is the life-giving relief that Sarah Palin is, in fact, not in charge.

Image via AP.

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