Sarah Palin's Possible Breast Implants Prompt Thoughtful Discussion


In the female-celebrity life cycle, the discussion of surgical enhancements is but an inevitability. Sarah Palin and her breasts are by no means exempt from this universal law.

A tipster has alerted Wonkette to what might be a growing development in regards our favorite feminist’s chest — specifically that she was “trotting out some new work at the horse races on Sunday.” The peanut gallery is already on a roll with its analysis of the issue, but we’ll give an early ribbon to commenter Joehoya, who notes that “Nothing says ‘just another average American gal’ like plastic surgery and racehorse ownership.”

Goofy/immature euphemisms aside, whether or not Palin gave herself a new set of breasts isn’t really our concern — and even if it were, we couldn’t definitively make a call on the matter, given the everyday miracles performed by push-up and t-shirt bras. With the exception of Andrew Sullivan, who will no doubt be thrilled to question the legitimacy of something other than Palin’s uterus, does anyone actually care whether she got a boob job or not? The truth here is a distant second to the question’s mere existence, which should keep the web running on punchline fumes for at least a day or two.

Did Sarah Palin Buy Herself A Couple Of Luxury Items? [Wonkette]

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