Sartorial Carnage At God of Carnage Premiere


I love theatre events, like last night’s God of Carnage premiere at New York’s Bernard Jacobs Theatre, because you never know what you’re going to get. And Tamblyn, Jackman, et al kept us guessing…

The Good:

I love Amber Tamblyn, and through sheer force of rad personality she can pull off a lot – including a pair of shoes I’d normally scorn.

How darling is Jena Malone’s Mia crop-sweet coat combo?

Aww, amazing Soprano reunion! How awesome do Edie and James look in their sleek classics?

Gosh, Emily Mortimer’s demure, retro coat looks Audrey-perfect.

Fran Drescher should totally embrace the grande dame thing: she can rock it.

The Bad:

Okay, Elliot needs to lose the topper. Now.

Truth? I love the “eccentric parent” look, as modeled by Joey Pantoliano andNancy Sheppard !

What Say You?

Hugh obviously feels good, but: a little too…theatrical?

The Ugly:

Tiana Silliphant, presented without comment.

[Images via Getty]

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