Saturday Night Social: Everyone Say 'Thank You, Lesbians'

Saturday Night Social: Everyone Say 'Thank You, Lesbians'
Photo:Steven Ferdman (Getty Images)

What’s business in the front, party in the back, and seeping lesbian erasure out from every side? Why, it’s all the latest trend reporting on how the mullet is a mul-HOT hairstyle for people of all genders to rock again, as if lesbians and the lesbian-adjacent haven’t been giving themselves yon ‘do to varying degrees of success this whole time.

In case you’re not aware, the mullet has apparently been deemed fashionable again. Priya Elan, deputy fashion editor over at The Guardian, writes that the cut joined the ranks of the buzzcut, cute bangs, shitty bangs, and the dissociative growout as one of the most popular hairstyles of the year, largely thanks to how simple and easy it is to D.I.Y. at home amidst all of the coronavirus pandemic-related shutdowns of salons and barbershops.

Celebrities have even gotten in on the action, with Zac Efron, Joe Exotic, Troye Sivan, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Crystal Methyd, and a full quarter of the Euphoria cast sporting mullets by year’s end, too.

In his piece for The Guardian, Elan vaguely gestures at who’s kept the hairstyle’s blood pumping over the years, even when it’s not been considered en vogue by the mainstream (“The gender-neutral roots of Bowie’s cut come full circle to the modern mullet of today, with LGBTQI icons from Joan Jett to Tegan and Sara and Christine from Christine and the Queens all sporting them.”). But why not celebrate its very particular lesbionicité and cite the real legends who’ve kept it alive all these years? For example…my friend, Tyler! And my friend, Rider, a while back! My friend, Nia, too, for like a hot sec! Arguably, my friends, Lena and Mitra, as well! Like, two to four people I’ve met named Mel! I could honestly keep going, but in the interest of time I’ll keep this quick: Lesbians and the lesbian-adjacent are style icons, America, and they will get their due!

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