Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Dream


You made it to Saturday night! Welcome!

Does anyone else remember the episode of MTV Cribs, when they visited Dream? And all the members lived together in one house (and they might have shared a bedroom or something—I dunno seems like a stretch). The whole living situation seemed like it was just asking for drama that will later be referred to as “creative differences.” Anyway, I seem to recall it being a pretty unassuming home in a normal middle class neighborhood, but somewhere in there was this big-ass mural of the word “Dream” with clouds and shit all around it. Am I making this up? I think it was in the same episode as Destiny’s Child, but I might be crazy.

Anyway, have a fabulous evening. I’m going to spend mine looking for that Cribs episode. and where the hell I can find one of those stretchy comb hairbands. If we’re bringing back goddamn bucket hats, you bet your ass we’re bringing those hairbands back too.

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